Thermal Imaging

CPS Thermal ImagingIs your electrical plant and equipment maintained or checked regularly? If not, this can result in sudden failure of the equipment with potentially catastrophic failures, irreparable damage, costly down time and loss of production. A CPS Thermal Imaging Survey is a cost effective solution to avoid such potential failures and ensure peace of mind.

Thermal Imaging - Helps reduce downtime

What is a Thermal Imaging Survey

CPS Thermal Imaging Main IRA Thermal Imaging Survey uses hi-tech digital thermal photography to highlight areas where excessive heat is being emitted. All electrical equipment heats up in normal use but if a fault is developing then the heat emitted will increase and is more likely to be detected on our Thermal Imaging Survey. Surveys of electrical systems can identify poor connections, overloaded circuits and imbalanced loads. A Thermal Imaging Survey is ideally suited to identify faults within electrical systems because the power does not need to be turned off and no direct contact is required. At CPS we understand that down time for maintenance is both time consuming and expensive for our customers. Our Thermal Imaging Survey aims to prevent this by highlighting any underlying power problems without the necessity to isolate the mains supply.

CPS Thermal Imaging Survey
Why do we need a Thermal Imaging Survey?

A Thermal Imaging Survey is a non-intrusive service that will identify any problem areas and allow for preventative maintenance before a full breakdown occurs - helping to reduce downtime, damage, loss of production and risk of fire. Finding potential problem areas before they become serious means that your company saves both time and money.

In conjunction with our Thermal Imaging Survey, customers often book a Load Bank Testing Service of their standby generator system at the same time to check that it is ready for use should an emergency full scale power failure situation arise.

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